ES412 Cleancut Replacement Blade and Foil Set

  • Replacement Parts Kit to keep your Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver performing like new.
  • Includes a new Blade Assembly, a New Foil and a New Clear Protective Cap.
  • Easy to Install. No tools required. Takes less than a minute.
  • No adjustments required. Pre-adjusted for the ES412 Cleancut Shaver at the factory.
  • Quickly restores your ES412 Cleancut Shaver to "Like New" performance.
  • Before you use the new blade set, oil your blades sfter they are installed onto your ES412
  • Replace as a set

The Model K30SP replacement blade is to replace the foil and cutting blade on the ES412 foil shaver. It has the distinction of being the first, and still best, personal/pubic shaver on the market. The K30SP has been made by the same manufacturer for many years (decades) and is still made in Japan, where quality and workmanship are considered high art. The business end of the K30SP consists of the slotted foil, the interior rotating blade which the battery powered ES412 motor turns the blade for precision cutting.

  • Designed and Engineered to be used for Personal Shaving without nicking or cutting.
  • The foil and blade on the ES412 is recommended to be replaced once the cutting surface of the current blade becomes dull.